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Services portfolio

Trust us to develop refactoring, maintain or audit your projects


Bespoke development

With nearly 100 projects in less than 4 years

It is very likely that we have already done what you are about to request from us but if that is not the case, we'd love you to surprise us. We are particulary interested in investigating, discovering as well as understading the most relevant aspects of your business workflows, so that we can optimize and digitize them using the latest mobile technology.




Nowadays, the success of a product or service depends more on the user usability and experience. Our dedicated team analises the human-machine interaction to facilitate and minimise the steps that an user must undertake in each process.


QA y automation

360º testing

We have plenty of experience analising with great attention to detail the code of many kinds of projects, doing QA, unit testing, automated testing, corrective or evolutive maintenance.



Our secret

When we started, the observatory was an internal tool that we developed to analyze the market, the trends of the most relevant players in both the Spanish and international markets in each of the industries where we work. Over time, it has turned into a service that we provide to our customers sometimes as a regular service, and sometimes as a one-off research report on a specific topic.



Improvement proposals

We create improvement proposals in order to improve your apps to the highest quality level possible, adding features by optimizing or refactoring your code adding scalability capabilities, or making it as adaptable to future improvements as possible, given how fast technology moves in this field.



4 eyes are better than 2

If you are very happy with your current team or current supplier it is still likely that you may be interested in independent supervision to guarantee that results are up to the highest standards.



Login, facial and graphometric biometry , fingerprint, secure OTP.


Wallets, NFC payments, ultrasounds, keyboard, virtual TPV.

Alerts and notificatoin

Rich notifications inviting to action, a broad variety of mobile experiences designed to maximise your interaction with your customers.


We develop, and implement solutions, products and web services related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Assistance tracking

Let your customers track your assistance teams.


If you have physical stores, maximise the interaction with your customers, provide customized welcome and service by being able to ID them when they enter your store or even when they walk nearby.


We connect things to the internet via radio, using devices that require no installation, plug and play.

Action buttons

Design actions that your customers can run by simply clicking on a button