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We digitize and optimize your business processes


Our specialization allows us to understand perfectly your workflows, as well as being able to create products and solutions that flexibly adapt to your business operations.

OCR SDK mobile & web library


Presently many business processes require extracting data from a paper format document so that it can later be included in a database.

Our OCR allows automatic extraction of that kind of data from any document in a matter of seconds, from mobile or web devices.

If you have many such paper format documents, we can also automate batch processes to be digitized using our API OCR.

Mobile onboarding


Our mobile onboarding solution is a process that follows the most strict regulations with regards to digital identity, allowing remote automatic contracts from mobile devices, signed electronically by a trusted third party.

That is, counting with such solution is equivalent to owning a completely automatic digital sales channel that for a customer takes no longer than 2 minutes, with maximum legal validity.

Chatbot onboarding


Customer service is the key for users when deciding to purchase online or to hiring a product. Our chatbot onboarding improves customer’s online experience, offering a personalized, fast and immediate service in the hiring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to it you have to automate, increase the productivity and efficiency of your processes, as well as obtain useful information about consumption behaviors.

SDK HCE payments wallet


We have our own “white label” SDK that integrates REDSYS payments library, allowing for a way easier development of wallets integrating an HCE module.

This SDK allows you to operate with the entire REDSYS library with simply a few lines of code.

This SDK is available and supports the last version of REDSYS, being very flexible, so basically it can be easily modified according to the additional logic you may require.

Broken screen device diagnostic


Screens are the most fragile component in mobiles, and therefore, the most repaired. Screen broken has become the most frequent breakdown in these devices. For this, we have created Diagnostic, specially thinks for mobile phones insurances, that allows verify broken of screen and to detect the level of damage in this surface completely online, in order to offer customer the service that best suits their needs.