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Multiple AI-based solutions que ayudarán a tus procesos de negocio a ir aún más rápido.


Talentomobile OCR


Digital Expert of  TalentoMobile offers several solutions

Vehicle identification



Claims validation

Image anonymization

Object identification


Vehicle identification and classification

Vehicle and license plate identification solution with computer vision and deep learning technology.

License plate identifier

Identifies and extracts the license plate of the vehicle

Brand, model and color detection

Gets the brand, model and color of the vehicle

Claims assessment

Classifies claims into 3 categories (high, medium and low).


Image Anonymization

Our anonymization solution allows you to hide any identifying information that may appear in an image or video, thus protecting identity and GDPR compliance.

License plates

This solution is ready to hide license plates accurately from any angle and precision so as not to pass through the frame and avoid concealing possible vehicle accidents.


Our algorithm also allows to hide people, and even combine with our facial biometrics solution to select those people who gave their consent.


Object identification

Classify any type of object and speed up the claims process. Recommended for on-demand insurance.

Object identification

Our computer vision solution uses algorithms to detect objects in a photo or video. With this solution you will be able to classify and categorize objects in seconds and offer innovation to your processes.


  Pets (animals and breeds)
  On-demand (skis, scooters, electronics...)


We adapt to your needs and train the algorithm for you.

Expand your capabilities no matter what you need. Here are some examples of what we have already done.

Smartphone Screen Break Detection


Architectural Barrier Detection


Do you have an idea? We make it come true


Adapted to different sectors

Worker with a checklist, car service station

Digital insurance registration

Get the license plate number to search for vehicle information and measure risks. Automatically classify the photos received from the vehicle to make sure you have all the evidence before the insurance registration.


Insurance | Security Services

Claims registration

Classify the vehicle and identify it by its license plate number for a faster claim opening. It can even be used by the roadside assistance team to verify the collected vehicle, its condition and organization of all parts of the vehicle.


Logistics | Security Services | Insurance Companies

Male Insurance Loss Adjuster With Digital Tablet Inspecting Damage To Car From Motor Accident

On-demand contracting

Capture the product to be insured, identify it with our solution and offer insurance (capture and insure).


Security Services | Insurers

Screen breakage

Identify the photographed object and classify it directly in your system. For example, when registering a claim, you will be able to easily recognize what it is and provide a faster solution.


Logistics | Security Services | Insurance Companies

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