You will be able to offer a personalized, fast and immediate attention hiring tool through the main messaging services or integrated in your website.

Collect the data you need to secure your recruitment processes.


Our chatbot is ready for insurance contracting.

In just a few steps you can offer your customers the possibility to rate, choose, identify themselves (with our onboarding) and sign any product. Or if you prefer, we can adapt it to your business process.


Facilitate contracting by reaching your customers through the medium that best suits their needs.

Our chatbot is not only web-based, but you can also port it to messaging apps (Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram…):






Multiple possibilities

Our chatbot is ready for the contracting of products and services. In a few steps you can offer your customers the possibility to rate, choose, identify themselves and sign any product.

Talentomobile AI & ML


Guidance and product selection

Talentomobile Multiplataforma

ID capture

and data extraction

Talentomobile customizable

Liveness & Facial Biometry

Facial verification and proof of life

Talentomobile AI & ML

Personal data

Data collection

Talentomobile Multiplataforma

Health questionnaire

General information requested

Talentomobile customizable


In compliance with eIDAS regulations


Captures customers effortlessly and at any time

 Permanent attention

24 hour and unassisted customer acquisition

 AI & ML

Offers personalized and agile customer service

 Time saving

Saves time and money for the company

Automated process

Collects information and redirects the user directly to the contracting of the service

 UX friendly

Uses natural language that can be understood by everyone.

 Resource optimization

Helps reduce time and management burden of the human team.


Advantages of Clicquote

Pricing + onboarding

In less than 90 seconds a priced product + certified digital contracting.

End-to-end contracting

It becomes a simple, user-friendly process without any difficulty to complete.

Higher conversion

Increases the quality and quantity of transactions. Improved conversations by reducing process time and simplifying interaction.

Do you need to integrate contracting chatbots into your solutions?

Talk to our expert team to make it possible in a simple and fast way.